Environmental Reports

An environmental search is issued only for zoned commercial or industrial property.  It’s a 50(+) year compilation of recorded documents called an abstract of title.  The search is done by accumulating all recorded documents from the county, organizing each recorded document by date, examining the work, and checking the chain of title.

An example of this would be a Two Phase Site Assessment. These are the type of documents we would be searching.

  • Phase 1 – Environmental Site Assessement (ESA) is a method used to assist in determining potential environmental liabilities due to contamination on a site or property. This process involves a review of land uses and history including a site visit, record searches, personal interviews and the evaluation of related information. A report is compiled and used to determine the potential of impact on a site due to contamination.
  • Phase 2 – Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is an investigation involving environmental sampling and analysis to determine the degree and type of contamination.

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